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S-tech (Swab Collection Technicians) Concept

COVID- 19 has created a big crisis on the nation today. More than anything else, it demands the healthcare workers and service providers. Thyrocare has always been in forefront to meet the challenges. Well, even this time, Thyrocare is no way behind for serving the nation during this crisis.

Thyrocare is India's 1st private lab to be approved by ICMR for COVID-19 Testing. For so, we want to create an army of competent s-tech (Swab collection technicians) who need to collect the throat swabs from the quarantined patients.

S-tech should have a basic knowledge of using PPE (Personal protective equipment). PPE will be provided by the company. Ambulance facility to reach the patient will be provided to the s-tech.

Who can be a S-Tech

  • DMLT qualified
  • Mini 1 year of experience in swab Collection is a must
  • H1N1 Collection: 1 year (Required)
  • Ready for outdoor work

Why Thyrocare S-Tech is the best opportunity?

  • Excellent earning oppo-rtunity
  • Training support
  • Direct interaction with company
  • No deposit/No investment /No targets

Earning Opportunities

  • Everyday 3-4 orders will be available to Pick up and serve
  • If your performance is good, you get opportunity to serve company camps
  • You also can arrange camps and earn very good margin, if you show consistent performance

If you see a scope in this because you are independent, talented, determined and hardworking... Join us now!
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